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Creative and Performing Arts Programs

The CPAP provides a comprehensive curriculum for the committed student, four and up.

Our CPAP are comprehensive arts training in the artistic discipline of dance, art, music, drama, and creative writing. Programs are offered annually and seasonally for youth ages 4-17 years of age.  Programs are nominal cost.  Classes are offered in beginners and intermediate. Advance Ensemble classes require auditions and students must travel.


Dance: CPAP offers classes in ballet, liturgical dance, tap, and jazz.


Art-CPAP offers classes in visual art.


Drama– CPAP offers puppetry, improvisations, and storytelling.


Music –CPAP offers classes in drums, piano, guitar, and voice performance.

Special CPAP programs

Tiny Ballerina –specialized beginner dance for girls in Pre-K –3rd grade.

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